Business Model Innovation has become more important for many companies, big or small in this continues changing world. Hardly any industry has remained in their current business model, and as such organisations need to change and adopt. This is specifical difficult since Management driving the comany needs to embrace this change and has to motivate the people in the company. Those that are or are becoming experts in managing these steps will become the leaders of tomorrow and their companies will be on the frontrunning in innovating business models.

Since 2008 AITEM is making use of the Business Model Canvas of Alexander Osterwalder to stimulate Business Mdel Inovation. Millons of organisations and startups in the world are since using the Business MOdel Canvas, a systematic, practical and visual method to plot your business and to start focussing on innovations. The Canvas is actually the start, is applied visable or invisable during assignments where Business Model Innovation reaches much further.

With new skils, tools and mindset the organisation will be able to tackle better the question of strategic direction. Why are startups suddenly extremely successful as AirBnB, Uber and in previous stage Facebook. Because of the lack of hearitage. Companies with long history are burried in their current operation. Although some of them innovate themselves to the top again, as for example Apple.

By using new techniques and inplementing fast track innovations, organisations are able to adopt and adjust to new market and economic circumstances.