Change Management


Change is happening all around us, we see it in our private situation: our children grow older and have different needs, our parent grow older and have changing support requirements. Of course in business change is happening all around us.

So we have to accept this as a fact and need to make sure that if change is affecting us within the organisation, we need to be manage this effectively.

Change in organisations has many faces, but on all levels you will meet the Unaware, that have no clue that change is needed. As well as the Saboteurs, those that resist change in any form. In addition you will meet the Fence Sitters, well aware of change, but typical in the we'll wait and see mode. And of course the Full committed that will help you through the change process.

In your changing organisation, do you have any idea what percentage you can identofy in what group? And by the way, they float from one end to the other if you are not carefull, and actually you are able to manage that flow. So Manage the change is essential.

AITEM uses the famous 8 step model of John Kotter to manage the change. In short you will see the approach of Kotter in the picture. The most important and overspanning element is Timely Communication. Interested how we arrange this, make sure you sent us a quick note through our CONTACT page.

For more insight, see the interview, given on behalf of Management Centre Europe for the INternational Organisation of Human Resource Directors in Lisbon:


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